Why The *!*# Should I Give Up My Car?

Definitely not because some people you've never met think it's a good idea. But what if giving up your car was to make your life better. What if being car-free meant being richer, thinner, fitter, saved your time, maybe saved your life, and was better for your kids?

The Truth About Cars

A car can be a useful way to get from A to B. 
When there weren't many of them, cars were quick and convenient. Now, they are becoming a bit of a nightmare, what with the traffic jams and the road rage and the parking problems. But it's not just other people's cars: owning a car costs a lot of money, but we tend to ignore the maths. And there's evidence which shows that owning a car makes you fat, makes you unhealthy, and eats up your time.  In fact, when you think about it, the total costs of car ownership often outweigh the benefits: we just haven't got round to doing the analysis. Yet. 

Costs And Benefits: Do The Math

Being carfree is a positive choice. You just have to think differently: we gave up our car on 28 February 1995 and haven't owned one since. Once you start looking at the costs and the benefits, it's clear that you don't have to own a car.

Think Differently - The Carfree Life Is The Better Life

There are plenty of alternatives to owning a car. Worldwide, over 50% of us now live in cities. More than 80% of the UK population lives in an urban area, and the figure is even higher in many other countries. Giving up on car ownership is the key to having more money and more time, being fitter and thinner, being happier, and being more free. It might even save your life.

There are plenty of alternatives for getting around: you can walk, cycle, use trains, buses, or taxis. And when you need a car, hire one. Or join a car club. You will be amazed by the money you save and by the improvement in your health. So don't believe the car adverts - this website sets out the other side of the story. It shows how you can improve your life by giving up your car. 

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