Cars cost money - loads of money

RAC Motoring Services publish a guide to illustrate vehicle running costs. The figures show the cost of running, from new, a privately owned car for a period of three years with an annual mileage of 12,000 miles. 

The numbers include depreciation, financing charges, fuel costs, servicing and maintenance, tyres and replacement parts, insurance premiums.... and RAC membership: 

engine size

cost per year

cost per week

up to 1000cc



up to 1500cc



up to 2000cc



up to 2500cc



over 2500cc



Or take a look at the figures from the AA.

If you don't trust averages, and want to find out exactly how much your own car is costing, has a calculator.         

Save even more

Not owning a car also means not having to pay for parking, congestion charges (coming soon to a town near you) and road pricing (ditto). You can give up the costly gym membership as you get fitter. And if you have a car parking space you might even be able to rent it out and make some money.

How do you get around without owning a car? Look at those weekly figures above: that's a lot of taxis, hire cars, trains and buses every week. The sooner you give up your car, the sooner you will start saving money.